ERMCO Named A “Top Place To Work” For Second Year In A Row!

ERMCO has been named as one of central Indiana’s “2012 Top Places to Work” by the Indianapolis Star.  The results of the competition were announced in the Sunday, April 15th special edition of the Star.  Of all companies who applied in central Indiana, only 65 were selected for awards.  From those, the groups were broken down into three categories- Large, Midsize and Small Companies, based on their number of employees.  The research identified the top seventeen companies in the midsize category in which ERMCO was included.

Based on feedback from our employees in several different areas, ERMCO finished in 3rd Place in this year’s competition. This is our second year in a row of finishing in the Top Ten, having placed 7th last year. Of the sixty-five companies who received top rankings, ERMCO was one of only two construction contractors and the only specialty trade contractor included.  The other contractor named was ERMCO customer, Meyer-Najem, who finished 2nd in the Small Company category. 

The winning companies included in the Indianapolis Star Top Workplaces list were based on a survey of employees measuring qualities such as company leadership, career opportunities, workplace flexibility, compensation and benefits. The survey included questions concerning ethics, values and community involvement. As our past history proves, these are all areas of paramount importance to us. Our recognition in this competition validates that we are doing well in the areas that are most important to us and to our employees.

President, Darrell Gossett, stated; “We are both excited and humbled to be named a Top Place to Work. We certainly strive to do the right things to help make our employees motivated to excel and to make them proud to be part of the ERMCO team.  To do so well in a competition of this type where we are being compared to virtually all companies in central Indiana is a testament to our people and the way they work together.  We want everyone to want to come to work each day, to enjoy what they do and to be proud at the end of the day to go home and share what they accomplished.”

The research process involved all areas of the company including the office staff, field leadership team and the rank and file craftspersons.  While the individual responses were kept confidential by the research firm, we receive feedback on how we did with each group at our company.  We were also given direct comments from employees’ responses on many of the questions, without reference to which individuals made the comments. The comments were overwhelmingly positive and most all of them verified that our efforts are actually working and that we are meeting our goals in most every area.  At the same time, there were several comments providing input, suggestions and constructive criticism that will be extremely helpful moving forward.

In addition to receiving the results within our company, we are also given the information on how we compared to the other companies who participated locally, as well as how we stack up to other electrical contractors across the nation. Greg Gossett, Vice President of Corporate Operation, states, “While we are proud of the results of the 2011 and now the 2012 competition, our company has been built on the premise of constant improvement. We are never spoiled by success and are never content to plateau where we’re at today. We will take all of this input seriously and will use it to make ourselves an even better company.”

We thank our employees for taking the time to participate in this program again this year. The fact that they recognized its importance and were willing to provide their thoughts and opinions is testament that they truly feel they are and important part of the ERMCO family and can make a difference in the company’s future.  We will continue to strive for perfection and will work hard to make them proud to say they work for ERMCO today, next year and for many years to come.

Read the feature article from the Indianapolis Star Here.

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