Electric Roundtable Committees

The Electric Roundtable has formed committees to address process improvement in targeted areas of each member company’s business. These committees meet on a regular basis to review best practices in their focused area and implement collaborative programs for process improvement.

Business Development & Marketing

The marketing group encourages healthy competition by discussing marketing strategies, target marketing, advertising, and public relations to promote the positive image of the electrical industry.


The purchasing committee analyzes vendor networks that help streamline ordering and delivery systems, inventory management, and procedures to support on-site suppliers.


This committee reviews cash flow, credit lines, debt management, collection procedures, overhead control, and cost containment.


This committee’s main topics are OSHA regulations, program implementations, job-site incentives, and promoting safety.

Service Group

This committee examines issues affecting service such as tooling, inventory, service truck equipment, and managing a service fleet.


Topics such as training, template development, and estimating practices are evaluated by this committee.

Preconstruction & Prefabrication

This committee discusses the latest techniques, programs, and benefits in preconstruction and prefabrication. They go in-depth about how this latest trend is saving money and time on projects.

Project Management

This committee is made of the top project managers from each company. They discuss their knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques on how they complete projects on time and on budget.


This committee discusses the latest implementations of fiber optic and copper media hardware, computer networking, telephone interconnection and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems.

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