Phase III & Auxiliary Systems


Eunice, NM


Louisiana Energy Services, LLC. At URENCO Enrichment Facility

Electrical & Systems
Completion Date:

September 2015

The Project:

B&D Industries, Inc. and ERMCO Inc. (B&D/ERMCO) joint ventured on an opportunity in Eunice, NM to serve as the electrical trade partner working under Gilbane Concrete Construction Co. at the URENCO Enrichment Facility. While the facility is licensed by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the purpose of producing enriched uranium, the plant is fundamentally a chemical processing operation. It receives uranium hexafluoride (UF6) gas as source material and uses a variety of chemical processes (including gaseous centrifugation) to enrich uranium 235 isotopes (235U) to concentrations up to 4.5%. This material is required in the manufacturing of fuel for nuclear power plants.

For this Phase III addition at URENCO, our scope involved multiple new construction buildings tying into existing structures as well as utilities and infrastructure. Our work on the project included the complete electrical distribution system including the addition of a texisting switchyard, general electrical components, and systems consisting of lighting, general power, UPS system, D/C 125VDC system, HVAC, complete cabletray raceway system, and specialized equipment power. Our team also performed the complete systems installation that includes, voice data, fire alarm, VESDA, public announcement, security, and criticality accident alarm system.

The plant functions with the ability to recover carbon dioxide from the fracking process, along with harvesting natural gas.  Thus, it is crucial the plant remains in operation with very limited interruptions.  This work began in January 2013 and was completed on schedule in September 2015.

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