Bruce & Merrilees Marks 70 Years In Business

New Castle, Pa, February 5, 2018 – 2018 marks Bruce & Merrilees’ 70th year in business. The specialty electrical contractor opened its doors in 1948 and is still owned & operated by the Bruce family, now in its third generation of leadership.

Bruce & Merrilees began as an electrical installation and appliance firm in New Castle, PA. During its first thirty years, Bruce & Merrilees expanded its residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services, adding transportation electrical installations and covering all of Western Pennsylvania. During the

second generation of Bruce leadership, the company discontinued its appliance and fixture sales and repair operations and expanded its territory as a specialty electrical contractor.

Now led by the third generation of the Bruce family, Bruce & Merrilees operates throughout the Mid- Atlantic and into the Midwest. The company employs more than 350 people, both in the field and in its six office locations. Bruce & Merrilees is a leading project management and services firm with projects that include power plant upgrades and new installations; highway lighting, signing and traffic signal intersections; utility and industrial substations; shale gas and oil facilities; commercial, institutional, and educational upgrades and installations; and 24/7 electrical support and maintenance services.

“We are proud of Bruce & Merrilees’ many accomplishments over the past 70 years, and we are excited to support our team members and clients through the next 70 plus years,” said Jay H. Bruce, President/CEO of Bruce & Merrilees and grandson of its founder, J. Howard Bruce. “The safe, high quality, value-added services we provide today that help our clients grow and succeed are the same values that J. Howard Bruce began this company with in 1948.”

Bruce & Merrilees continues to build on the success of its first 70 years. The company is actively expanding its service area, moving south through the Mid-Atlantic, into northern Virginia, westward through Ohio, into Indiana, and even as far south as Texas. The Bruce leadership team is following a strategic plan that will pave the way for success for another 70 years.

“The Bruce & Merrilees team strives daily to deliver the very best for our team members and clients, and for this family business,” said Jay Bruce. “We welcome the opportunity to continue as the electrical contractor of choice for our clients.”

Since 1948, Bruce & Merrilees has provided superior services for a wide range of electrical projects in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. Our innovative approach helps to streamline projects – assuring that they are completed safely, on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

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