Two Electric Roundtable Members Featured On Electrical Contractor Magazine Website

Continental Electrical Construction Company and ERMCO, Inc. were both featured on Electrical Contractor Magazine’s website in an article highlighting BIM capabilities.  An excerpt of the article is below, for the full article, visit

Leading With BIM

Do What You Do Best Within A Digital WorldPublished: December 2014By Jeff Gavin

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in medium-to-large construction projects is becoming more common. Yet, much of the design software still favors contractors other than electrical. Though BIM is tailored to bring all partners to the table, the electrical contractor (EC) doesn’t always get the invite. Don’t let yourself be taken out of the game. Turn a deficit into a gain.

No one can do what an EC does or apply that work within a BIM model.  If the art representing electrical parts and equipment isn’t there in the software, only an EC can best create it. If the MEP design needs refining, the EC is an obvious tradesman to offer solutions.  Smart electrical design is essential to creating a high performing building.

BIM is an EC leadership opportunity just waiting to happen. No one knows that better than these three contractors. Rosendin Electric, Inc., based in San Jose, California, is one of the larger electrical contracting firms in the U.S. with close to 2500 employees and branch offices in a number of states. BIM adoption is especially strong on the West Coast (Zuppa 2009). Chicago-based Continental Electrical Construction Co. is another large firm that uses its expertise in BIM as a key selling point to its customers. The company serves the greater Chicago area and the Midwest.  Though exposed to BIM projects less often, a mid-sized like ERMCO, Inc. in Indianapolis is also committed to BIM. The company employs elements of BIM in non-BIM projects to improve all of its work and better serve its clients.


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