Alterman Inc. Sees Clear Value In Joining ELECTRI Council

ELECTRI International welcomes Alterman Inc. to its ELECTRI Council as a $100,000 Founder. Alterman is a diverse firm in the San Antonio market with 625 employees and annual revenues of $100 million.

ELECTRI recently sat down with CEO and President, John C Wright, to learn more about the company and the decision to join the Council.

John Wright: It’s really about the education. The programs that ELECTRI is working on, we’re also working on as a company. We can add value to the projects from our perspective and get a lot of value in return.

ELECTRI: Did you have the opportunity to talk with current Council members as you came to your decision?

Wright: Well, this year, I chair our peer group, the Electric Round Table. We’ve had conversations within our group, especially with Darrell Gossett of ERMCO. We looked into ELECTRI’s programs and its research and decided that, after many years of considering joining ELECTRI, it was time to be a partner in moving the industry forward.

ELECTRI: Tell us about Alterman.

Wright: We’re celebrating our 90th anniversary. The company was founded in 1923 by Nathan Alterman. In 1984, his son Richard sold it to the employees. We have a clear, vested interest in making sure we are well-educated and well-prepared. Our work is in both the commercial and industrial markets and we have divisions that include Construction Services, Pre-Planning/Project Support, Technologies, Service, HVAC/Industrial Controls and Special Projects groups to meet our customers’ needs.

ELECTRI: Which ELECTRI programs are the most valuable to your company?

Wright: We’ve been using ELECTRI programs for years. Most of our management team came up from the field and have been with Alterman for anywhere from 20 to 35 years. ELECTRI research and the resulting education have played a big part in their professional development. There are so many good programs. Lean construction, Pre-Fabrication and implementing CW/CE are a few that stand out in my mind.

ELECTRI: What do you see ahead for ELECTRI in the next five to ten years?

Wright: I’m convinced that we have to do more to teach our contractors how to compete in their market. Our market share seems to be declining each year. In San Antonio, union electrical contractors have about a 13%-15% market share. We have to do something to improve those numbers. We’re looking forward to being more involved with ELECTRI to develop projects that zero in on helping us all become better business owners.

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